L'Oréal SÉRIE EXPERT In-Salon Powerdose Treatments are defined by their
sophisticated molecular precision technologies that treat the hair from the
core to the surface. Serie Expert's exclusive in-salon treatments provide
customized, prescriptive solutions with comprehensive haircare and scalp
care ranges. Professional concentrations of dedicated technologies for
everyone's unique hair care needs provide complete renewal for
instantaneously fortified, conditioned, radiant hair.

Color Lock Service
Powerdose Color

When hair has been freshly coloured, you want to prolong that new - found depth
of tone. The Color Lock Service provides instant conditioning to color treated hair.
The advanced formula works to set and protect haircolor, while enhancing shine
and reinforcing the hair fiber.

Luminous Highlights
Powerdose Contrast

The Luminous Highlights Service is specifically formulated for highlighted hair.
The Powerdose Contrast serum works to selectively target highlighted strands
and deeply condition and brighten them without weighing down the rest of the
hair. Highlighted hair is left conditioned and brilliantly shiny.

Hair Type: For Highlighted Hair
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