L'Oreal professional first introduced INOA hair color in Paris, France at their 100 year
anniversary symposium in July of 2009. INOA is L'Oreal's latest breakthrough. It is an
odorless permanent hair color that contains no ammonia with optimal scalp comfort and
vibrant colors for perfect coverage. It has absolute respect for the hair, leaving the hair
smooth and shiny. Uncompromised Comfort.
               Why Choose INOA?

  •     No Odor
  •     Optimized Scalp Comfort
  •     Incredible Smooth, Velvety Texture
  •     Supreme Respect for the Hair
  •     A Well preserved Hair Fiber color after color
  •     Hair that is as smooth as before color was
    applied for a softer touch.
  •     Exact and predictable color palette: true
    neutralizing cool shades, vibrant, and luminous
    warm shades
  •     Lightens up to 3 Levels
  •     Exceptionally even color from scalp to ends
  •     Coverage of up to 100% gray Hair

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